Employee Engagement Defines Your Business

Written by J. Crawley on Monday, 30 July 2018

When it comes to Employee Engagement it always fascinates me how wide the gulf often is between the CEO/Boards/Owners understanding of a situation and the reality of what the staff are feeling. Sometimes there can be an over reliance on staff surveys and happiness dashboards and often not enough time is spent on the front line. 

Don't get me wrong, we use tools such as Engagement Multiplier and they are very powerful tools, but these are all active methods that rely on people answering surveys in a consistent and accurate manner. They provide a baseline to work to but they do not provide the ultimate answer.

The trick, we believe, is to interpret this data but then add in passive sources such as keeping up to date with your organisations internal social feeds, have tools such as an anonymous suggestion boxes ( suggestionox is a good one and its free) where in our experience, people are generally more open and honest.

Once informed, senior management need to get out on the ground, and spend "quality time" with no fixed agenda with their teams.  Too often organisations rely on "town halls" or pre-planned engagement events.  

Whilst these are effective at transmitting messages , they are very poor for receiving them. Colleagues will often avoid suggesting things out in the open for fear highlighting themselves if the suggestion is deemed inappropriate.

  #employeeengagement matters, as it directly impacts your growth, your stability, your customers and your products