COVID19 - Why its not all bad news

Written by J. Crawley on Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Whilst there is inarguably huge impacts on peoples lives, livelihood and health from the Covid 19 crisis, there are a few positive consequences that will come out of this emergency. Here are just 4 of them:

  1. Public Health in general improves, as more people learn about better personal hygiene. There is already significant anecdotal evidence emerging about the drops in traditional seasonal illnesses that are being observed in major population centres attributed to people being more careful about personal hygiene.
  2. People and companies who had never considered extensive working from home are starting to discover whether that is a practical and productive solution long term. For many it wont be, a physical presence is important, but even if 10% of the workforce found that WFH was as, if not more productive, that commuting to an office somewhere , imagine the secondary benefits on the economy and peoples wellbeing.
  3. Further to point 2 above the impact of 10% of the workforce no longer commuting to work would have a very significant positive impact on the struggle to carbon neutrality or even positivity for many companies and governments
  4. This naturally created health crisis is testing the worlds health systems like no desktop exercise ever could, lessons learned from this helps prepare the worlds defences against a bio-terrorist attack that could happen in the future.