Celebrate Your Leavers

Written by J. Crawley on Thursday, 21 February 2019

So I had a very interesting chat with a client the other day who was challenging my notion that if you invest as much as you can in your employees, then things like customer service would take care of themselves. She was concerned that if she invested in recognised training programs for her team, that gave them qualifications ,then she would just lose them to her competitors.  

Now sure, you might lose some very quickly, but if you do it means they weren't engaged employees anyway and they were going to leave when the next good offer came along regardless. On the flip side, think of the loyalty and engagement you buy, by investing in your people and allowing them to develop their skills. Eventually even the loyal ones will probably leave, if your company cant offer them a role that meets this new skill level, but this shouldn't be a cause for regret, this should be a cause for celebration. 

You should celebrate your leavers who are moving on to bigger and better things as loudly as you can, because this shows the talent pool you are an employer who nurtures and develops great people and therefore you will get better people wanting to work for you. Talent is all about thinking long term, and if you want a sustainable workforce you must avoid the immediate sticking plaster solutions. #employerbranding